Good Government.

It strikes me that putting political policies, values and beliefs to one side for a minute; the one thing any Resident should expect from any administration is that they run a competent and efficient local Council. The story in today’s paper about another set of public sector leaders taking significant redundancy payments and then returning to their previous employer as well paid consultants is a perfect example of incompetence and a self-serving culture that still permeates many public sector organisations.

I’m delighted to see that BDBC is not one of those. Other than my well publicised concerns about the management of planning policies and practice, I think we are fortunate to live in a very well run Borough. I’m even pleased to say that under the current leadership, the Planning team has also upped its game.

The old Chief Executive ran a tight ship, and in the last 6 years under the Tory Administration, Basingstoke Residents  clearly believe that Council performance has improved. Ratings for ‘Delivering value for money’ are up from 43% to 71%, ‘Feeling happy with the way the council is run’ from 58% to 84% and ‘Being Happy living in your local area’ from 87% to 96%.

We have a new Chief Executive joining, Melbourne Barrett. It looks like we have recruited an impressive and competent professional. Its a shame that I haven’t noticed all the local political leaders come out and endorse his appointment. When a new CEO joins a team it is imperative that he has the backing of the organisation’s Board & Leadership. I see the role of the elected Members to act as a ‘Board’ and ensure the paid Officers and Council Workers deliver the programmes the Board was elected to execute, and ensure value for money and accountability. The Board/Members and the Council Officers serve at the pleasure and service of the residents; who have the right above all else to expect competence, efficiency and integrity across the depth and breadth of the Council.

One thought on “Good Government.

  • 16th January 2015 at 2:15 pm

    Do you know – or suspect – why the new CEO is not being welcomed? You sound a little coy…


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