I have been active in the Conservative party since 2007. However, I resigned as Vice Chair of The Basingstoke Conservative Association in 2012 as I was uncomfortable with decisions made about Manydown and suspending Onnalee Cubitt.

I remained a Member of The Party and an active supporter of Sven and the work of the Old Basing & Lychpit branch.

I believe very strongly in ‘walking your talk’, and that the best way to change the culture and behaviour of an organisation is from within. I believe we can change the face and tone of local politics by listening more, actively engaging people, being transparent and making sure that the Council & Councillors put ‘People before Politics’!

Here are some of the political principles I believe in:

  • Personal Integrity before political expediency.
  • Political accountability & transparency.
  • Small government with low taxes & balanced budgets.
  • Individual rights & personal responsibility.
  • English votes for English laws.
  • A ‘fair’ society, NOT a ‘welfare’ society.
  • Localism, NOT Statism.
  • A European Market NOT a European Parliament.
  • Managed immigration, NOT all immigration.
  • Putting people before politics.